Leap with me!

At Leap Agents ® we believe that  sustainable, long lasting change is something that cannot be facilitated or championed superficially. We are convinced that this  change must be effected from within and with your full commitment and effort.  That commitment is internally generated,  within large organizations  and from within individual lives at home and work.

We help build your capacity for this internally generated change so that you will have the commitment to take your LEAP.

At Leap Agents® we believe that every individual on the planet is a Brand. Our proprietary approach to helping our  clients position themselves as a great Brand is no different from that of  the  Fortune 500 Brands we are all familiar with. ( Apple, Coca Cola etc).

This is what we call Personal Branding.

Our approach is focused on providing the tools and creating the conditions to catalyze change; to enable an internally energized LEAP forward. Our  Leap Coaching platform helps to asses, understand, develop  and maximize your own Personal Brand. It is an on-going, life-enhancing,  committed, customized bespoke  coaching program designed for each client.  Our practice is unlike any other, we become a true advocate for our clients present and future quality of life success.

Our Leap Talent practice is designed to work with our clients to fully understand their human resource needs and match those needs to the right talent. For us, acquiring the right fit for your team,  environment and  for your corporate brand is our primary goal.


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