We All Need a Little Change…

Throughout the annals of human history, the most difficult thing humans have been asked to do is to change themselves. This change is often not a singular seismic event but instead, it is more often a series of methodically incremental steps which is at once both perilous and promising.

As M.Scott Peck noted in his masterpiece work The Road less Traveled, ‘life is hard’.  Indeed, life is hard but why is it so?  Is this an inevitable situation?  Is it a progressive condition? What, if anything can be done to make it easy or at least easier?

I see sustainable, lasting change as something that may be facilitated and encouraged from without but we are convinced that it must be effected from within.  Externally generated change is akin to a push or a shove.  It borders on compulsion leading to some externally derived propulsion.  But what happens when that external force wanes?  Can the propelled change be sustained?

I am focused on providing the tools and creating the conditions to catalyze change; to enable an internally energized LEAP.  In humans the physiology of leaping requires and is exclusively dependent upon self generated energy. We provide the energy and the other tools you need to make your LEAP.

Why Leap?

Whether you are an individual or an organization change is necessary.  At the quantum organizational level, the organization is nothing more than the sum of individuals. So, as individuals change so does the organization as a whole.  In this sense, the two are inextricably linked.  If the challenge is to leap ahead of your competitors in sales or to leap ahead of your internally set productivity benchmarks, I provide the perspectives and tools to make that happen.

Individuals want to leap within the context of their own lives and their personal aspirations. They have their own challenges and difficulties to overcome separate and apart from the organizations they may identify with.  I have a proprietary approach to helping individuals position themselves as a Brand no different from the Fortune 500 Brands we are familiar with. This unique approach helps individuals to not only leap but to be directionally accurate and strategically oriented in that leap.   Instead of a leap based on faith, hope or vague aspirational goals, they leap based upon self actualized knowledge and a clear strategic plan.

How to Leap?

While one may jump only to be counteracted by gravity in a seemingly pointless output of energy, the act of leaping is purposeful, directionally focused and is destination dependent.  No one leaps without at least knowing the direction they are leaping and where they would like to make landing.  However, you need more than just a direction.  You need to know how to leap.  When are you ready to leap? How do you avoid premature leaping which can feel good but land you short of your destination?

To your Great life…


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