Finding your Sherpa-in business and life

If you visit Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal,  then travel north into the Helambu region you will find a group of people known as Sherpas.  These people are hardy like the land they occupy. Through the centuries, they have adapted physically to the high altitudes they traverse and they are expert guides for climbers wishing to conquer the Himalayans.  Tenzing Norgay was perhaps the most famous of all the Sherpas.

A Sherpa should not be confused with being a Porter – a carrier of supplies and equipment – their value is in guiding not carrying.  In fact, they are paid handsomely when compared to Porters and they proudly make this distinction to all who will listen.

Sir Edmund Hilary, famed New Zealand Mountain Climber knew how to climb, he was a Mountaineer. In fact, he began his fascination with climbing in Secondary School and made his first major climb in 1939.  Of course, he then went on to become the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Even with his natural interest, skill and experience he could not have navigated successfully to the summit without a Sherpa.

Hilary could not have successfully navigated the hidden and treacherous crevasses, ice slopes, falling rocks and solar radiation of Mount Everest alone. He would not have known which paths were safe and which ones unsafe.  His Sherpa guided him, at times led him, placed him in the right positions, advised him about where to set Base Camp for maximum safety and optimal strategic benefit.  Norgay became a Friend to him, a Counselor,a Coach, a Guide and most importantly, he allowed Hilary to place his foot on the Summit first: Norgay was fine with being in second place – his absolute priority was to make Hilary the most awesome climber in the World – and he did.

In life and business,   as in mountain climbing, we all need the right Sherpa – a guide – someone to help us with the  climb to the top of our mountain. The Sherpa cannot climb for you but he/she can climb with you.

Do you have the right Sherpa in your life?  Do you have the right Sherpa for your business?

Do you know someone who needs a Sherpa?

Like Hilary, have you tried reaching your Summit but have stalled in your climb?

Are you even climbing the right Mountain?

Sometimes we climb our Mountains and after we have persevered and reached the Summit we realize that we are on the wrong Mountain top.

2 Responses to “Finding your Sherpa-in business and life”
  1. joanne says:

    excellent and valid post, michael.

    you are always on-point.

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