Chief Leaper

Michael Carter could have done and still could be doing anything he chooses to do with his talented life. But, he has  chosen to find his purpose by hearing and obeying the clarion call of service to others.

What Michael does goes far beyond the traditional definitions of business – it is very personal and personalized, dynamic and emotionalized;  yes, raw and real in every sense.  See, Michael offers and leaves a part of himself with every person, business, organization or family he engages with.  He does not provide so much a product or even a service – he provides himself.

Michael has been leaving bits of himself behind for many years.  Over a 20 year span he has built successful businesses, ripened his skills at effectively assessing and acquiring talent, crafted his own unique message of leadership and success principles and yes, somewhere there he met and married his beautiful and talented wife Lara.

Michael Carter cares about people.  He cares passionately and he wants to help people live more empowering and fulfilling lives. This is the purpose for his newest venture Leap Agents®. Leap Agents® is not a company nor a business as much as it is a philosophy and a system. It is Michael’s system and philosophy codified in easily digestable form.

Leap Agents® has helped businesses of varying size who are struggling with motivational or strategic issues.  They have helped organizations evaluate and acquire talent and assisted talent in preparing for opportunities.  They have helped individuals and families alike work through deep and fractious personal issues.

Leap Agents® is not unique because of what it does.  Leap Agents® is unique because of who is doing these things, whose vision drives these things and whose passion sustains these things.

No one is better suited to help you Leap over your next set of obstacles.  No one better equipped to provide you with the tools for a soft landing.

-To your Success!

3 Responses to “Chief Leaper”
  1. Trish Tonaj says:


    I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you in person tomorrow evening!

    I am very intrigued by your “leap” concept and hearing more about you and your organization.

    Take care, keep well


  2. Darren Kerr says:

    Enjoyed meeting with you in Hong Kong.

    You’re a very personable and professionally insightful individual and I very much enjoyed striking up an unexpectedly new friendship with you.

    Look forward to the opportunity of sharing a meal with you again – but this time much much longer so we can finish what we’ve started LOL!

    All the very best Darren

    • Leapagents says:

      Hi Darren,

      It was Brilliant meeting you in Hong Kong as well, I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion. I am looking forward to continuing our connection.
      Hear from you soon. Please be well.

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