Carlos Ghosn and Vineet Nayar – Ideas Exchange – BBC

Two great business leaders from very different cultures discussing  their own unique ideals,  leadership style, branding building, leadership and the value of employee  empowerment. Advertisements

Always bet on a great Jockey NOT on the Horse

Recently, I had an excellent chat with a good friend, a superb entrepreneur and just an overall good guy. He mentioned to me that one of his successful clients told him that he always bets on the Jockey and never the Horse when he attends the races. This process has produced fantastic results for him. As soon … Continue reading

Finding your Sherpa-in business and life

In life and business, as in mountain climbing, we all need the right Sherpa – a guide – someone to help us with the climb to the top of our mountain. The Sherpa cannot climb for you but he/she can climb with you.