Leapagents & Sherpas

‘One Percenters’ rule the world! Who are ‘One Percenters’?

Leapagents and Sherpas are the 1% of people across this Planet who see their lives as only being meaningful, only being useful IF they are using that life to make the lives of others better. These are the people who fundamentally understand that true value and beauty in this life comes from being someone whose life inspires others to be better. These people embody what it means to be a LEAPAGENT and they help to make life brilliant.

Anyone, anywhere can be a Leapagent. Although highly accomplished in their own right, Leapagents are defined as much for their personal pursuits and accomplishments as they are for their selfless devotion to improving the lives of others. They do not fit any mold. They come from all stations in life, all ethnicities, races, beliefs and vocations. The only common thing is that they are all exceptional human beings.

This site is all about exceptionalism – helping you to find yours and now, with our NEW Leapagents & Sherpas Page, showcasing exceptionalism. Most of the people here have sought neither wealth nor fame – you have probably never heard of them but, you need to know about them. You will be awed, inspired and motivated by their journeys and their stories.

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Note: Future Posts will be in Video format with downloadable transcripts.

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