Leap Testimonials

“You are not a leader if no one is following you and you are not a Leap Agent if you are not helping others Leap”.

Here are stories from those who have Leapt and those actively in the process of Leaping.

Leap Testimonials

“Thank you for your consultation regarding building my business, your input
was and continues to be invaluable. You found me the perfect company name
and walked me through the strategies and directions I needed to implement,
for best results.

From an authors perspective I would like to offer these observations about
You are relevant, constructive and capable. You are a contributor, an
instigator and an out of the box thinker. You are a developer, a builder and
a smoother of rough edges. You are a mechanic and an engineer of thoughts
and actions. You are gifted and a clear thinker and I am honored to work
with you in building my dreams”.

March 23, 2010
—-Ms. Shar Marie Thompson


“Michael is a straight forward and passionate consultant and coach. He takes his time to get to the core of issues before proposing practical and value added solutions. I would highly recommend him to anyone in a career or business transition at a junior of senior level.” October 16, 2007

Giselle Melo


“Michael is a pragmatic, straight forward and knowledgeable individual that can motivate, guide and coach people to excel, I owe a great deal to his ability to re-start my business career and focus my skill set. I have been able to achieve great results in my life since spending time conversing with him. He is a awesome listener and truly has his client’s best interest in hand.” July 18, 2007

Stuart Ballantyne


“Michael is a very dedicated, reliable, and extremely caring person, mentor and a friend who goes beyond the call of duty to help. He is an inspirational coach with excellent people skills. He is thorough, organized. Michael represents himself and his clients very professionally and with the idea of establishing long-standing relationships. He is an effective people manager and is able to communicate with great clarity and sincerity both at a strategic as well as at the operational level. Michael was a pleasure to work with and an even better teacher to learn from. I highly recommend his results oriented services” May 7, 2008

Anthony (Tony) Pierro


“Michael has a deep knowledge of the industry and what it is looking for in it’s candidates. He is very detail oriented and goes to great lengths to understand the strengths of the persons and draws out the best in them.He provides great insight on how to approach the career and how to go about acheiving success.” September 5, 2007

Raminder Bajwa, M.D., PGRA


I was accidentally introduced to Michael who became at first sight my personal and professional life coach. Michael has a calling more than anything else to assist individuals to not only see their greatest potential but also to reach it! Through Michael I have been able to not only excel in my professional life but I have also exceeded my expectations in my personal life. The tools that Michael taught me I have used not only in everyday life, but of course during the challenges in life that are inevitable. I have also shared some of these tools with others whom I love and respect when I see them unnecessarily suffering. Michael taught me that life is great and in fact I really do feel that he gave me life – that is he helped me discover true happiness, appreciation, fun and acceptance. I will be forever grateful to have worked with and to now be able to call Michael my friend.

Teresa Jean

“If you’re looking to change your life in an impactful and results driven way, then Michael is the Business and Life Coach for you!  His analysis and advice are valuable beyond any sense of the word.  Kick through the office politics and roadblocks easily with his strategies.  Developing your strengths, Michael works with you to target the conflicts that exist between you and your success.  He teaches you how to proactively change the outcome of potential failures…and he does it in a way that is easy to understand and implement.  After working with Michael, I can say that my confidence and self esteem sky-rocketed, my conflict resolutions skills increased exponentially and my vision of where I could go and how I would get there are fully clarified and put into action.  Michael helped me became an achiever instead of a dreamer.   His insight and strategy are invaluable, and I highly recommend him as a part of your success plan!” ~ R. Moyte,  Red Dandelion Creative, Los Angeles, CA


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